Useful Information

The House

Has lots of external space for sitting and relaxing, A swimming pool which is around 1.7m at the deep end and 0.8m at the shallow end. Please take care around the pool, kids must be supervised at all times to ensure their safety. The ground surfaces can get very hot, so flip flops should be worn.

The house is located on a Sloped site and has lots different levels and steps, and even a bridge; its also surrounded by gardens and terraces and provide really nice places to sit.

The sunken garden is a gravel and grass surface and is mostly north facing, so much cooler than the southern garden. The living room terrace although south facing is shaded by a large canopy, and this has excellent long distance views towards the mountains.

The gardens are all accessible by steps and ramps and additional care should be taken in particular between the steps to the pool which can get wet and thus slippery. The south garden is where the pool is located which has an infinity edge, with an outlook towards the river.

The house at this point dramatically over-sails the escarpment and there is no edge protection to the length of this ridge. We do not recommend that anyone walks straight down to the river from here as it’s quite steep. There is a largish upper garden area which is surrounded by (young) trees and fruit trees, (mandarin, fig, carob, apple, pear, orange, lemons, avocado). This is also a astro grass play (14m x 8m).


Loungers and umbrellas are in the pool pump room. Please pop them up and leave them out for your whole stay. There are some kiddies versions which can go out and there is also a bag of pool, fun activity toys/beach mats. Just make sure umbrellas are closed at night because it can get windy and they can blow over.

A person you might encounter is Kyriako’s the pool man. He usually comes on a Saturday and Wednesday morning for about 20 minutes to clean the pool.

Apply creams at least 20 mins before jumping in the pool.

What to bring

Lots of sun-cream, and mosquito spray. Each room has air conditioning which we only use at night and each room has plug in mosquito repellent. We would recommend that you ‘close’ the windows at dusk to avoid excessive bugs and mosquitoes entering the house.

There is a local chemist If you need anything.

Please bring at least 2 pairs of flip-flops/ crocs (or whatever your preferred foot wear is) so that 1 pair can be for out doors and the other for indoors.

There is a utility room at the far end of house at the lower level and this is where we keep our family items and is our store room. Please use the washing machine but we would be grateful if you respected our personal belongings as none of the cupboards are locked.

There is an additional Fridge Freezer in this room, which you are welcome to use too.

Linen and Towels and Washing

Please bring beach towels for each of you (no need for bath towels as we have plenty)

Washing line, outside the utility room door, extractable type, cable pulls across garden and clips onto opposite wall.

Washing Machine in Utility room in lower level floor

Wireless and Media

TV remotes are kept in the drawers near the tv.

There is an internet radio on the upstairs living room. You can pump up the music, as no one can really hear it (no neighbours), the screen is a touch screen and you can follow the instructions to search for your favourite radio station, or you can plug in your ipod (old style adapter) on the top of the unit.

Internet access is via wireless and the access code will be advised separately.

You can watch movies on the big tv by plugging an usb into the media player, which is in the shelf under the tv. its easy to set up, and attaches via a hdmi cable that might be loose behind the tv unit.

Wii Games Console – Please feel free to use the games console, but ensure that controllers are properly strapped to wrists. All damages will have to be paid for and that includes the TV!

Ping Pong

A Table is located in the lower living room and can be used outside. Please do put this away after use.

First Aid and Safety Tips

Please bring any medicines, creams, bite relief with you and for the duration of your stay. An emergency first aid kit is located within the upper kitchen hob cupboard. Please note this is only for small injuries and holds plasters and minor first aid kit.

Use the mosquito repellent plugs in the walls, during the evening, switch off during the day.

As this is a rural / village location, there may be bees and / or wasps. They can sting and you should be aware of nests in bushes and at high level.

If you are allergic to bee stings please make sure you bring adequate and proper medication and emergency treatment. There is a local pharmacy, but may not be open when and if you need it.

Other creatures. The house is located in natural environment, any food droppings will attract ants, and you should make sure crumbs and food is swept up so you don’t wake up to a trail of ants!

Rubbish cannot be kept outside local cats will come and rip bags open and scavenge.  Please take rubbish to any local municipality bin located around the village. 

Reptiles exist, lizards and geckos, all are harmless. There are snakes in Cyprus, be very aware if going out beyond the garden into the grassy/straw fields beyond, – we have only ever seen one in 5 years. if you encounter snake, please leave it alone and move away.

When you slide open garden doors, etc, be careful of any wildlife sheltering in these spaces, they might look ugly, but lizards are harmless a looking for a place to rest out of the sun. Nevertheless please bang the door gently to-ward them off before opening the doors. All standard Boy Scout tips.

Safety at night, the village is safe, but we recommend you lock the external doors at night to mostly protect from bugs.

Rubbish and Refuse

Rubbish IS NOT collected from the house. You will have to take the rubbish to a street bin. These are municipal bins for villagers and are located in streets. The nearest one is located as you turn left out f the house and follow the road, just before you reach the church on the left hand side.

if you need the air conditioning, the bedrooms have switches at low level behind the doors to switch on the units. the doors MUST be closed. Otherwise the units will not work properly. For the main living areas please close bedroom doors, sliding doors and bathroom doors, to minimise the space and volume that the air condition units have to cool. The large spaces and volumes will take at least half an hour to cool effectively and these spaces have to be compartmentalised for the air con to work.

Air con remotes and controls are kept in bedside drawers. The only two units not to have remote controllers are the large bedroom downstairs and the upstairs living room, both of which have wall controllers.

Local Numbers

Emergency Number Cyprus: 00357 99794130
Emergency Number UK: 0044 07956255658


Colombia Taxi from Nicosia: 00357 22 780 444

Pool Man, Kyriacos: 99668426