Located in the heart of the island

The Villa is located in the centre of the island, near the capital Nicosia.

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Deftera is a large village with many amenities and it is only a 15 minute drive to the centre of Nicosia which is the capital and largest city of Cyprus, located on the River Pedieos, situated almost in the centre of the island. There are a few restaurants, chemists, bakeries and grocers, all located in the village. Snack is a little 24/7 convenience shop near the church. The villages best natural features are the river and it’s environment, which is also where the chapel of chrysospilyotissa is located. This is the site of a major festival which celebrates Mary’s Ascension day on 15th august.

Cyprus has a rich Mediterranean island history and there are ancient Greek and Roman ruins as well as Byzantine churches and monasteries (in the mountains) and Venetian structures but when it’s over 40deg it’s too hot for culture!

The mountains provide a welcome break from the beating sun. There are communal BBQ’s in the pine forests, which are brilliant and a good thing to do on a Sunday.

A visit to old Nicosia is definitely worth doing as much of the Venetian fortified city walls are intact and there is also the green line to see. We suggest a late afternoon visit followed by a meal in one of the many restaurants afterwards…

Old Nicosia Map

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